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About Lam Yeo Coffee Powder

Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory is a Singaporean traditional style coffee roaster which specializes in both local Singaporean ‘kopi’ and modern gourmet coffee. Founded in 1959 by Tan Thian Kang and Lim Chok Tee, Lam Yeo Coffee Powder is one of the last remaining family run coffee businesses which has stayed on in Singapore’s ever changing landscape. Today, Lam Yeo is run by Mr Benny Tan and his parents, Tan Bong Heong and Hon Moi Chai, who continue to provide customers with the same quality local coffee which was served during its founding, and a new blend of exotic, gourmet beans as well.

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Our Coffee

We have a myriad of beans and blends to cater to different tastes – from traditionally roasted Singaporean ‘kopi’ blends, to the newer, more exotic ones from Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia. Like our coffee beans, but don’t have a coffee grinder at home? No worries – we will grind coffee beans purchased from Lam Yeo based on the coffee-making equipment you use at home. If you are interested in purchasing some coffee but unsure of what blend to go for, please feel free to give us a call at +65 6256 2239, or message us on Facebook. We will be glad to recommend you a blend that suits your tastes.